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Q: When should I book my trial run? 

A: If you decide you would like to book a trial run to see if I am the right fit for you, you are welcome to do it as soon as you are ready. If you are wanting to book so that we have a planned look for the wedding day, I suggest booking at least two months prior to the wedding. 
Most of my brides book their trial run the same day they book with their photographer for bridal portraits or even engagement pictures.

Q: Is the trial mandatory to book with you? 

A. No, the trial is not mandatory. I do this incase some of my brides are on a budget. This way the bride can opt out if she wants, or use it as an add-on. HOWEVER, I do strongly suggest booking a trial run so that you and I are on the same page with the look you are trying to achieve and it will make the wedding day move along faster. 

Q: How do I schedule a trial with you? 

A. Please fill out the bridal request form so I can get more details from you, including your wedding date, and at the bottom let me know you are interested in booking a trial with me first before booking. Trial runs are not included in bridal pricing. The pricing for trial runs are the same pricing as each service listed. Same amount of work and time so the cost is the same.
Trial runs are in-salon appointments only and my schedule is typically Tuesdays - Fridays. I do offer Sunday and Monday appointments because I know photographers only work those days. Sometimes Saturdays if I don't already have a wedding. If you haven't booked your wedding yet, I will ask for a small non-refundable deposit to book that will go towards your total, and I do charge an off day fee as well. I will email you more detailed info.

Q: How long does each hair and makeup service take?

A: Hair and makeup for the bride will take about one and a half to two hours. For the bridal party, hair should take about 20-45 mins each depending on style and amount of hair. Bridal party makeup should take about 20 mins to complete. Single makeup appointments (in-salon and on-site) with a hairstyle as well can take up to 2 hours at the most.

Q: Is it possible to book bridal services at your salon location? 

A: Yes. If it's just a bride and one or two bridesmaids, you are definitely welcome to book a regular in-salon appointment. We have a smaller salon, so unfortunately, we cannot accommodate larger bridal parties in the salon, along with the other stylists who are working on their clients there as well. Please let me know how many there are and we can go from there. 

Q: Do you also offer hair services such as cut & color?

A: Yes, I do. During the week, I am a full-time cosmetologist with a clientele. I do this wedding business on the side.

Q: What is your travel/set up fee?
A: My travel/set up fee will be determined after I get more info from you. Please note that my travel fee will be slightly higher for smaller parties.

Q: Do you include lashes in your pricing? 
A: Yes. All pricing is with or without lashes.

Q: Can I bring my own makeup for you to use? 

A: No. The makeup we use for brides and bridesmaids is professional grade created to withstand weather, sweat, and water. All products and tools are correctly sanitized in between each client. If we use your makeup, I am not able to guarantee any of my work.

Q: How far in advance should I book my wedding?

A: I now book all wedding services up to 1 year in advance. For now I am booking all of 2023/2024 dates. However, sometimes, if I get the chance to work on my schedule for the following year, I will go ahead and start booking dates for it. If you are interested in updates on this, please subscribe to my mailing list below and/or follow me on Instagram and Facebook so you can get all my announcements.

Q: How do I go ahead and book you for my wedding? 

A: Please fill out the bridal request form by clicking the "contact" tab above and I will email you more info about my pricing, etc. All wedding dates are first come, first served. I require a $100 non-refundable deposit and a contract to be fully booked. I may get you to fill out a more in depth inquiry form after that so that I am not having to go back and forth asking you tons of questions. I need to know this information so I can figure out how best to accommodate you.

Q: Do you offer airbrush makeup?

A: I do not offer airbrush makeup. After using an airbrush machine for quite some time, I realized it never gave me the coverage I needed in the time I needed. I think a true artist knows what products to use, how to blend/apply/set, and how to mix foundations accordingly to give the feel of lightweight coverage that will last all day. Kim Kardashian does not get airbrush makeup for a reason.

Q: What makeup brands do you use? 

A: I use a variety of different brands from low-end to high-end. I have specific products that I like from specific brands that I trust will make you look amazing and will last all day. I have also been doing this long enough to know what products work the best and what do not. All products are sweat proof, 24 hour wear, transfer proof, and waterproof. All have been tested in performance and have been photography tested as well. Ex: Makeup Up Forever, Becca, Ben Nye, Laura Mercier, Morphe, Nyx, and a lot more. 

Q: How far in advance should I book skincare and/or waxing services? 

A: Please book all skincare and all facial waxing services at least 1-2 weeks before your wedding day.

Q: Who pays for Bridesmaids hair and makeup? 

A: I get asked this question all of the time. It depends: if the bride is requiring her bridesmaids have their hair and makeup professionally done, then who-ever is paying for the wedding usually covers these beauty costs. If professional hair and makeup services are being offered only as an option, then the bridesmaids should expect to pay for their own services. Sometimes the bride will offer it to her bridesmaids as a wedding gift as well.
My brides are welcome to pay for all services in full or I offer the option for the bridesmaids to all to pay separately, including splitting up the travel fee and any extra fees, if needed. Even if your bridesmaid "doesn't ever wear makeup", it is a special day that requires special hair and makeup, mostly because there will be a lot of pictures taken as well. 

Q: Can I book you for just one service and hire another artist separately? 

A: Absolutely! I offer both services as a perk to my brides so that they don't have to hire a second artist if the bridal party is smaller. I have been hired for just hair and I have been hired for just makeup. I can definitely offer referrals for both as well if you have a really big wedding party. Some times I am able to offer an assistant to help speed things up and sometimes I can bring on another artist. It just depends.

Q: Do you travel long distances? 

A: I do! Depending on times and other factors, I usually will require a one night stay prior to the wedding so we can start early in the morning and a travel fee. All of this will be determined after I have more details about what you are needing. 

Q: I have a fairly large bridal party in need of services. How many can you handle on your own? 

A: Unfortunately, this question is not easy to answer without specific details. It depends on SO many things, start times, finish times, hairstyles. etc and there is just one of me. In order for me to correctly answer this question, I'll need for you to fill out the form I will send you through email so I can get more details from you and then determine what I am able to offer for your specific day.
In my personal opinion, if you have a large bridal party wanting hair and makeup, typically for most stylists and time limits, it is much easier for the bride to hire someone for hair and someone for makeup separately. This is because all of us stylists/artists have many different requirements and policies, such as cancellation policies, different deposit requirements, etc. By hiring them separately and securing your spot with a contract and/or deposit, the bride can have more reassurance that the stylist will show up to do the work rather than being hired through a third party.

Q: What time do you like to start your bridal parties? 

A. Typically, I like to start all my bridal parties at 7:30am if possible. This depends on how many people are in the bridal party as well as other things. This is because the earlier the better. I know that is early, however, I don't have to have everyone there at once, I only need one person there to start. I have a lot of experience in doing this! Starting early helps incase something happens to cause delays, it keeps us ahead of schedule so that everyone is getting the amount of get ready time they are paying for. This is why I do offer touch up kits and I do touch ups on everyone needing them before I leave, especially the bride and the one who goes first! I promise you will be glad we start this special day this early! 

Q: My venue won't allow us to be there that early? What could I do?

A. Based off experience, I do know there are a lot of venues that won't let bridal parties in until a certain time and that cuts down the amount of time to get ready. Some of my brides will get ready at someone's house and then go to the venue, slip on their dress there, and then do pictures. I have even had some book a VRBO or a AirBNB to get ready at as well that way everyone can stay together the night before and then are ready for the stylists when they show up that morning.  

Q: Is it okay to possibly start later? 

A. Of course! However, because that will shorten the time available for me to get all of the services done (depending on your specific situation) you may have to hire a second artist. So just keep that in mind. I can help you decide that after I get all of your specific details. 

Q: Can you travel to two separate locations in one day? 

A. I can, however, expect to pay extra travel/set up fees as well as cutting down the amount of time to get everyone ready to spare the room to break my things down and travel then set up again. It's a lot of work so I definitely charge for it.

Q: Should there be a specific line up for the day of? 

A. I personally do not decide who goes first and last etc. I usually let the bride do all of that. But I do have suggestions. The first set of people that go should be the bridal party. This is because it gets you guys ready for pictures with the photographers and won't set them back for when they need you. Then the MOG MOB grandmothers and/or flower girls can go last. I suggest that whoever goes first should be reliable, but also, if they are gonna have to help with setting up any wedding stuff. The bride should NEVER be last unless it is a small 4 people wedding and there's plenty of time. This is because the bride tends to get more anxious and antsy closer to time and I as her artist need her to be as still and calm as possible. People also start to bombard her with questions the closer to ceremony time it gets and it can be very overwhelming. It also helps incase something happens and the bride's get ready time is shortened because she went last and she needs to be super set on the amount of get ready time she has with no questions asked. Putting the bride in the middle allows for her to have her only relaxing time she will have through that whole day.

Q: Will my makeup last all day? 

A. So far, I have had NO complaints. I do everything I can to make sure that it lasts all day. I have even had brides fall asleep in their makeup and their groom take a picture and her makeup hasn't moved and all lashes intact. 

Q: How can I get more info about my specific wedding and your booking requirements? 

A. First, click the "bridal request form tab" and fill out the form as much as you can. The more details the better! You will get a automated response letter email letting you know I have received your inquiry and will email you back asap. Please double check your junk and spam mail. I will let you know if the date is available for booking and send you everything else as well as pricing. I do require a contract and a small deposit to book your date. No other payments are due until the day of the wedding. All dates are first come first serve. I do not hold dates and your date will not be booked until both the contract and deposit have been received.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? 

A. I accept all forms of payment except checks. I have Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, Apple Pay, Zelle, and card, I just charge the processing fee. 

Q: What is the best way to keep in contact with you?

A. I like to stay in contact via email only until the bride has been fully booked, then we can exchange numbers. The reasons I do this is it's a lot easier for me to keep everything organized, I can easily look back to our conversations, I tend to deal with a lot of different brides, but I also like to have everything exchanged in writing. I also am a hairstylist so my regular clients contact me through phone and it's hard to have everything mixed up. I try to keep both things separated.

Q: Do you have list of people you recommend for help? 

A. I do! Please let me know you'd like that list via email and I will send it over! 

Have more questions? 
For a bridal quote, please fill out inquiry form under contact tab or email me any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

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