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Gaby Gumus

Owner | Master Cosmetologist | Pro-Makeup Artist

Born and raised in the "small town" of Augusta, GA, I have dedicated my career to the beauty industry for more than a decade. Having grown up around all things makeup and hair, I continued to follow my passion for creativity and artistry. I love to paint and draw and I think that is why I fell in love with makeup and hair as well. I remember, anytime I had to do a book report in school, I almost always chose something about beauty.

After graduating high school, I originally wanted to do nursing, but back then, it was even more competitive to get into than medical school. While trying to finish up my core and doing nails as my side job, I became unsure if the medical field was something I wanted to get into. I thought I would try to get into a different program so I applied for cardiovascular technology school and I got in! But I couldn't picture myself doing that as my career. So, I changed my major one last time to cosmetology, passed my exams, and went straight to being a commission stylist. I instantly knew this was what I was really supposed to be doing.

Now, at the age of 33, I still currently rent a chair in a salon located in Augusta, while running this business as well. I also just bought my first home in Augusta with my four cats that yes, I do love like my own children. My work hours vary, but I am always taking new clients. In the salon, I do everything from highlights to haircuts to makeup. 

I take pride in having a creative soul with the ability to focus on important details as well as good customer service. I love to paint and draw. I love color and symmetry. I love to create. I love doing my own marketing and learning more about business and what it takes to succeed. I love making other people feel and look awesome. This career is more than just artistry and beauty, but also the relationship I continue to build with my loyal clients. 

And I am grateful I get to share some of my art with you!


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